Someone: Why do you hate Sakura?
Me: You know, Sakura for me has always been an empty character. From the beginning she only cared about the feelings she had for Sasuke, which actually for me it was just like: “He’s so cool, so I’ll love him" she never tried to care about the feelings of Sasuke, or less imagine why he is so cold (everyone in Konoha knows he is the only surviving Uchiha) and she said things like "Naruto is like that, because he don’t have parents "and things like that in front of him (in the early episodes she said that, and he said “you’re annoying” is something historic) btw, The years passed and Sakura continued useless within Team 7, she always said she would do something to change the situation but never did anything. Then Shippuden starts and I think “Oh! Finally Sakura matured both in mind and body” but no. she may have been stronger, but the only thing she did was useful to until today was kill Sasori, and let’s think…if not Chiyo-baa controlling Sakura like a puppet, she would have died within 5 minutes. So the episodes pass without her having done something useful, always depending on Naruto and nurturing some sort of feeling for him because now he is the “nice guy of Konoha” and she just seems to have forgotten Sasuke. Then comes the episode in which she declares herself to Naruto. What the hell was that? She knew Naruto liked her truth, that he loved her! and she just said that she liked him just like that, without feeling anything, just on a whim…Naruto would still go after Sasuke even without the promise he made to Sakura, and if he accepted the “feelings” of her, what would she do? stay with him nursing a lie? even now in the manga, Sakura got stronger, but it still needs more strength and maturity. She is an empty character without personality, that is why I don’t like her.