Lol here it is. Its not great and idk whats up with her mouth but its done so :p

It counts that I’m trying right? Lol anyways in the middle of trying to draw a hinata. And while she doesnt look as bad as my pb shes not great! Ha it seems when I fix things I make them worse :p
I’ll post a finished ome later

I really don’t want to catch up on naruto, but I think I have to.

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Lalallalaa i finally put chapter three up, yay! Enjoy C

thanks to you ~ 


in red ~ 



Hahhahaha there you go cin :3 

This is my ShikaNeji Fanfic I am writing for C, And this is how I am telling her I put chapter 1 online

Hehehe Hi C :3 

Trying to write a ShikaNeji Fanfic for Cin and I just don’t know how to put them together ;A; Anyone a fan who has something they want to see between them?

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