I’ve always considered myself to be a true ninja.. but those were just empty words, because Sasuke and Naruto were always in the lead. But now it’s my turn to take the lead, and all of you can watch my back!

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                          “I get it now….. I’m in hell.”   —-Obito

Art by:だし

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U Z U M A K I  N A R U T O!
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I’m not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!


Hatake Kakashi | artist: an10ta
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super secret ninja handshake no jutsu


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for vashito ヾ(。❛ε❛✿)ノ

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As per requests in the tags of this post ヽ(。• ᴗ •✿)و

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Drunk Tsunade-hime moments.
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